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Phased deployments

  • Dedicated monitoring for phased deployments – Phased deployments now have their own dedicated monitoring node, making it easier to identify phased deployments you have created and navigate to the phased deployment monitoring view.
  • Improvement to phased deployment success criteria – Specify additional criteria for the success of a phase in a phased deployment. Instead of only a percentage, these criteria can now also include the number of devices successfully deployed.

Office Management

  • Integration with analytics for Office 365 ProPlus readiness – Use Configuration Manager to identify devices with high confidence that are ready to upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus.
  • Additional languages for Office 365 updates – Configuration Manager now supports all supported languages for Office 365 client updates.
  • Office products on lifecycle dashboard – The product lifecycle dashboard now includes information for installed versions of Office 2003 through Office 2016.
  • Redirect Windows known folders to OneDrive – Use Configuration Manager to move Windows known folders to OneDrive for Business. These folders include Desktop, Documents, and Pictures.

OS servicing

  • Optimized image servicing – When you apply software updates to an OS image, there’s a new option to optimize the output by removing any superseded updates.
  • Specify thread priority for feature updates in Windows 10 servicing – Adjust the priority with which clients install a feature update through Windows 10 servicing.


  • Management insight rules for collections – Management insights has new rules with recommendations on managing collections. Use these insights to simplify management and improve performance.
  • Distribution Point Maintenance Mode – You can now set a distribution point in maintenance mode. Enable maintenance mode when you’re installing software updates or making hardware changes to the server.
  • Configuration Manager Console Notifications – To keep you better informed so that you can take the appropriate action, the Configuration Manager console now notifies you when lifecycle and maintenance events occur in the environment.
  • In-console documentation dashboard – There is a new Documentation node in the new Community workspace. This node includes up-to-date information about Configuration Manager documentation and support articles.

For more details and to view the full list of new features in this update check out our What’s new in version 1902 of System Center Configuration Manager documentation.

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