Starting in version 1810, use Support Center for client troubleshooting, real-time log viewing, or capturing the state of a Configuration Manager client computer for troubleshooting purposes. Support Center aims to reduce the challenges and frustration when troubleshooting Configuration Manager client computers.

  • Create a troubleshooting bundle (.zip file) that contains the Configuration Manager client log files.
  • View Configuration Manager client log files, certificates, registry settings, debug dumps, client policies.
  • Real-time diagnostic of inventory (replaces ContentSpy), policy (replaces PolicySpy), and client cache.

Support Center includes Support Center Viewer, a tool that supports personnel use to open the bundle of files that you create using the Support Center. Support Center’s data collector collects and packages diagnostic logs from a local or remote Configuration Manager client.

Most noticeable and important:

Support Center includes a modern log viewer. This tool replaces CMTrace.

CMTrace. OneTrace provides a customizable interface with support for tabs and dockable windows. It has a fast presentation layer and can load large log files in seconds.

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