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System Center Configuration Manager Collections Report

Compared to the default SCCM collections report that only has three columns, (Name, Comment and Collection ID). 

This report will let you view applications across multiple computers simultaneously,  and (this reports will allow you to first select from a drop-down list of computers, Also you the option to select multiple computers, then the report shows you a list of applications installed versus updates installed on the selected computer's).  

Column names speak for itself.  As you can see you get allot more helpful information at first glance across all selected computers after running the report. This type of report also provides the opportunity to compare multiple computer to each other.

  • Review and see the count of different manufacturer and models. 
  • Quickly see the operating system version of all across selected computers.
  • Also see the count of various application major and minor version and different versions.
  • See the count of software updates installed compared to applications installed. 
  • After showing a list of computers, a second drop-down option shows installed applications.
  • Provides the ability to compare installed number of applications across multiple computers.
  • Ever needed to computers computers and applications, this report will help with that. 
  • Or you just simply need to have your own set of custom reports? 

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