I may be known & successful in the I.T. Industry, But...

I decided to try making money online thru drop-shipping from Amazon to eBay. And since I'm one of those technical individuals and work in the I.T. field. I"m able to easily figure out and use these marketing tools without buying into those How To Make Money Online internet courses or funnel software made for non-technical people. 

​​​​I Decided To Make Money Online Also!

Yeah, I'm Richard Dixon CEO creator of one of the largest, well-known and most supportive Community Support groups on Facebook, SCCM Architects! I'm pretty successful in my current business. But, I decided to try make money online and it's pretty easy if you're technical. You just need to understand the concept of internet marketing. Then i jumped right in. 

500 listings limit 

If you're a technical person, you'll be able to do just like me and jump right into the game. With the right software you can do just that, just like I did.

$20,000 a month limit

I've only been trying to do this drop-shipping business for 1 week, and I already have my account limit increased to 500 listings with a $20,000 dollar monthly limit. Check out the screen shot below of my account.

In 1 Week

The point I'm trying to make here is if you're a technical person and having the right tools, you can just jump right in to drop-shipping without all the months and learning, watching videos, webinars, courses and How I Make Money Programs that cost thousands as you know.  

Enter your email, Join my list and I'll tell you to tool I used to automated uploading 100's of eBay listings at once. This tool allowed me to move past the 100 listing limit and $500 dollar monthly limit in one week after I got back into selling on eBay.

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