Configuration Manager Reporting Solution
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We specialize in developing reporting solutions for System Center Configuration Manager. All our ideas and report designs comes from listening to our customers feedback and input from the community about how they prefer to see data in reports and dashboards. 

BI solutions has created a substantial improvement in companies awareness of features that drive sales and reduce cost. Various project may require a different type of reporting solution or dashboards of Configuration Manager data and asset inventories of information. This is how we stand apart from others by build variations of reporting solutions to meet the requirements of different departments within an organization.

​Reporting Solutions

RicherReports 2.0 Pro Configuration Manager Reporting Solution

RicherReports 2.0 Portal, Alternative SQL  report server option

RicherReports 2.0 Default Reports Improved, including Branding options


​Let's look what you see on the first view ​when accessing a default ​Configuration Manager ​report on the Reporting point, which is actual SQL Reporting Services report server. ​The screen shots was taken when ​using ​Internet Explorer. 

​SQL Reporting Services report server

​The following is the initial view after clicking on the ConfigMgr reports folder in the SQL Reporting Services report server portal. ​​​Notice each reports folder for various categories.

​RicherReports 2.0 report server report

​The following is the initial view after clicking on the ConfigMgr Default Reports ​folder in RicherReports 2.0 report server portal.​​​ Notice each reports folder in the left navigation menu for various categories each representing the report folder shown above.

​Now lets compare a commonly used ConfigMgr report used for determining the Software Update compliance for a deployment ​group across a selected collection.

​SQL Reporting Services report server

​Notice the formatting and how the two different tables are off centered and not aligned. This makes viewing the default reports unpleasant. ​​​

RicherReports report server report

​Notice the difference in the reports. Both are Compliance 1 - Overall compliance reports for the same Software ​​​Update deployment group and selected collection.