Asset Inventory – Device Collections and Members

This ​report is a customized collections report named "Devices Collections and Members". This report is included in RicherReports 2.0 Custom and Pro versions. To start, when you run this report, the first select option is the choose the collections you ​want to view and see more information for.

Then once the report renders, you are presented with a wealth of information regarding each of the selected collections.

​Click ​Report to View


For example: you can see the number of members of a specific collection, number of systems that are clients, or virtual machines, if the device is managed by MDM or not. Active clients, number of site-code's, if the computer is blocked or not. You can also see the operating system of devices, domain and even client version. 

You also have the option to click on a computers name and get more ​information about that computer from the same report which is shown in a drill-to report.

​You also have the option to click the plus + sign in the Collection ID column to trigger the drop-down to see the members of the collection. You are then presented with the OS of the computers, domain, client version, indicator is its a virtual machine or not. Also if the client is Active, its sitecode, and if it is Approved or Blocked.  

In addition, if the computer is a virtual machine or VDI client, you can also see the host name of the server hosting the virtual machine. Indicator if a VDI client will be added at a later date. Stay tuned.