Want To Save $3000, $30k, Or Even $1 Million On Office 365 Subscriptions?

Simply moving to Phoenixtekk as your Microsoft Solutions provider will save You Money!

Lets say you have 10,000 or more users in your organization on Office 365 Enterprise E1, with Phoenixtekk you can get Office 365 Enterprise E1 for $8 per user license a month. That's $960,000.00 a year. If you where to buy Office 365 Enterprise E1 from for example; Rackspack it would cost you $1,320,000.00 a year.

Why Switch?

Think about it like this, 10,000 users license for Office 365 Enterprise E1  is $8 per user/month, in 5 years you would have paid $4,800,000 in place of paying $6,600,000.00 for 5 years as you would with most MSP's. That's a savings of $1,800,000.00. Or what if you had 50,000 to 100,000 users. In five years you would save more than $1,800,000.00 to $3,600,000.00 million. 

The cool part about it is, you can keep you're existing MSP relationship!

Of course those are big numbers for large organizations, buy anyone small or large businesses can rep these benefits.

That's right, by simply switching your Microsoft Solution Provider for your Office 365 subscription you'll save thousands of dollars!

$12.50 per user/month
Up to 300 Users

$8.00 per user/month
Unlimited Users

$20.00 per user/month
Unlimited Users

Switch & Save!
With Phoenixtekk

Simply switching your Microsoft Solution Provider for your cloud services will allow you to save on your next existing subscriptions cost.