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My name is Richard Dixon CEO, I created Phoenixtekk back in 2002 when I realized I had a skill that could keep me having a job. Back then that was the only important thing, having a job. And that I did, keep a job, never was without. In fact I bounced from project to project for over 10 years before realizing that's all I'm doing. Is working to keep a job. I decided change that when I realize what Internet Marketing was. It was something I needed for my business to get pass working to keep a job. I wanted to work towards a goal of not working. That's that goal, Well the first part of the over arching goal. 

I am a Systems Management Architect, some call me a SME, which stands for Subject Matter Expert and YES, I"m a subject matter expert with the System Center Configuration Manager technology from Microsoft. Check out my LinkedIn​ Profile. I have been working with SCCM since version 1.2 of SMS. That's along time now that I think about it. When I first started working the I.T. industry I started out as a Help Desk Analyst, then NBC Studios, Warner Bros, etc, etc on to Microsoft. My LinkedIn Profile will show you the path I was on.

Over the years of work and moving from Org to Org and project to project I found myself being leveraged for my reporting style with SQL Reporting Services, and ultimately leaving bit of my skills, experience and IP behind every time I leave a project. And I've always been told that your reports are better than I've ever seen for SCCM especially when it comes to ad-hoc reports that are required to be develop right now on the spot and as needed. 

It wasn't until someone said to me that I should turn those reports into a product. So that's what I did. I took at the field experience and information and knowledge I picked up on from how businesses and organizations wanted to see and access their data from ​Configuration Manager ​dashboards, so I decided to developed and created ​RicherReports 2.0.

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