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​A Little About Me?

​I am a Systems Management ​Architect, some call me a SME, which stands for Subject Matter Expert and YES, I"m a subject matter expert on the System Center Configuration Manager. I have been working with SCCM since version 1.2. That's along time now that I think about it. When I first started working the I.T. industry I started out as a Help Desk Analyst for a large depends company. They has SMS 1.2 running. Then later became the Help Desk assistant manager before moving on to work at NBC Studios as a SMS Administrator.  Now mind you; at this point I've only been working with SCCM for 1 year. So I'm still very new at it. But I wanted to learn it really bad. Here at NBC Studio is where and when I became certified on SCCM 2003... Want to read more of this story?

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Richard Dixon CEO

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