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​Sign up to join ​our What's New with SCCM newsletter ​​​notifications, then we will grant access to download a Cool SCCM Report. It's an example of a collections reports from our repository from one of our ​​reporting solutions we've developed​. ​I noticed on every ​project I get compliments and statements like; "You should turn my reporting style ​​into a product, because they are ​the best ad-hoc reports I've ever seen!"

​After about 3 years ​of hearing those words repeated to me, ​I decided to create RicherReports and it's now on its 2nd version. ​A peer and I came up with the name based on the comments and feedback ​from people ​admiring and using the reports. As it turned out, people at these organizations ​always seem to fall back to calling my reports ​"Richard's reports"​; hence the name RicherReports. My buddy slash peer ​name Robert, decided on the name​"RicherReports". It seems to fit nicely. 

We all know how important reporting and analytics is, but when you know how to data mine, ​develop and design reports around the data you manage​ as well as it happens to look really good and pleasing to ​management, you will stand out ​above your peers in your work ​place I'm sure. Its also pretty good income especially when you know how to develop reports ​around the data and technologies you manage.

Ok, here is a kicker for you, ​​​My reporting style was admired and liked so much ​while working ​for Bloomberg, That's pretty much all I did was develop reports for 6 months at $100 an hour. That's $16,000 a month ​totaling $96,000 ​for 6 months. 

Pretty Good Huh!

​Get this Cool SCCM Report ​and take ​ownership of your SCCM Experience ​level. ​

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