Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Phoenixtekk are System Center Configuration Manager SCCM Architects and Project Managers who can successfully access, analyze and recommend industry best practices to help customers improvethe over-all manageability of their Configuration Manager environment.

Founded in 2002, Phoenixtekk is a service provider and systems integrator specializing in implementation, configuration, and building enterprise solutions based on the System Center suite of applications and technologies. The technology provides full integration and automation through native components yielding end-to-end life-cycle management for devices, workstations and data-centers. We are SCCM solutions providers, composed of experienced and knowledgeable experts, ready to help determine and meet your systems management needs. As a 1E, Panacea, Enhansoft and Microsoft partner, we are well equipped, agile, and strategically aligned within the industry.

Our motto is, "We're True I.T. We Implement and Train.”


Windows 7 Deployment

We can help you build Windows 7 deployments & automation processes by working with your team on developing standards and process oriented procedures that will increase the expectations of your customers by streamlining and simplifying the end-users experience. Phoenixtekk can recommend and or help you build static or dynamic task sequence deployments that will allow you to fully automate or enable your end-users to self-deliver a Windows 7 deployments to their own workstations. Phoenixtekk uses products from Microsoft, Enhansoft & 1E to create customized solutions for SCCM that minimizes the administration of SCCM and provides simplified solutions for your end users.

The P.R.O.S.

Phoenixtekk Rapid Onsite Services provides on-site SCCM services to help your organization implement or improve your System Center Configuration Manager environment. We have been building system management solutions since Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0, the predecessor to SCCM 2007/2012. We also seek to yield the most value by properly managing SCCM projects. With over 35 years of combined SCCM experience of a staff of six former Microsoft SCCM Engineering Team Members, Phoenixtekk can ask the right questions in SCCM project meetings that will allow us to foresee issues or incompatibilities with the project or technologies involved. From the solutions that leverage System Center Configuration Manager, we can provide and recommend the best enterprise level solutions and add-ons our partners have to offer for SCCM project management, Windows migrations or deployment implementations that will enable your company to build better enterprise level desktop end-to-end management solutions. Learn More...

Has a SCCM project been dropped in your lap and you have the task of deploying a product you know little to nothing about? Do you need a Project Manager that has managed countless SCCM projects, Windows 7 deployments and is technically capable of analytically managing a project of this nature? Need a Project Manager that is capable of sitting in on technical discussions and able to articulate the requirements needed to integrate SCCM into your existing environment successfully based on the information captured through your SCCM project meeting discoveries? Phoenixtekk has the expertise to strategically move your project forward through to completion in an acceptable amount time.

Thinking about moving to Windows 7?

As specialist in System Center Configuration Manager, managing Operating System Deployment (OSD) comes second nature to the services we provide. We also specialize in implementing OSD processes and recommending best practiced solutions that will ease your Windows 7 deployment thru customized automated solutions. We can provide an environment assessment, OSD readiness, deployment planning, solution design, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to deliver a self-hosted or fully automated Windows 7 deployment solution.